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SchwarzeneggerRit 说:
2023年12月23日 09:25

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life


The seven rules to follow to realize your true purpose in life - distilled by Arnold Schwarzenegger from his own journey of ceaseless reinvention and extraordinary achievement, and available for absolutely anyone.

The world’s greatest bodybuilder. The world’s highest-paid movie star. The leader of the world’s sixth-largest economy. That these are the same person sounds like the setup to a joke, but this is no joke. This is Arnold Schwarzenegger. And this did not happen by accident.
Arnold’s stratospheric success happened as part of a process. As the result of clear vision, big thinking, hard work, direct communication, resilient problem-solving, open-minded curiosity, and a commitment to giving back. All of it guided by the one lesson Arnold’s father hammered into him above all: be useful. As Arnold conquered every realm he entered, he kept his father’s adage close to his heart.
Written with his uniquely earnest, blunt, powerful voice, Be Useful takes readers on an inspirational tour through Arnold’s tool kit for a meaningful life. He shows us how to put those tools to work, in service of whatever fulfilling future we can dream up for ourselves. He brings his insights to vivid life with compelling personal stories, life-changing successes and life-threatening failures alike—some of them famous; some told here for the first time ever.
Too many of us struggle to disconnect from our self-pity and connect to our purpose. At an early age, Arnold forged the mental tools to build the ladder out of the poverty and narrow-mindedness of his rural Austrian hometown, tools he used to add rung after rung from there. Now he shares that wisdom with all of us. As he puts it, no one is going to come rescue you—you only have yourself. The good news, it turns out, is that you are all you need.

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HealthTax 说:
2023年12月23日 07:25

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2023年12月23日 00:22

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SidneyBlets 说:
2023年12月22日 12:54

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meshki_dwEt 说:
2023年12月22日 10:48

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wmltup 说:
2023年12月21日 20:32

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Jeffreylig 说:
2023年12月20日 20:39

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2023年12月19日 10:12

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2023年12月18日 12:35

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Rogerjek 说:
2023年12月16日 08:43

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2023年12月16日 07:07

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2023年12月16日 04:22

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2023年12月16日 00:12

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